What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a method by which fluids and compounds such as vitamins and minerals are delivered intravenously, meaning administered through a vein by a healthcare professional, which is the fastest way to replenish these essential nutrients into your body.
Traditional oral supplementation of vitamins and minerals must go via your digestive system, making it is hard for your body to absorb and results are slow. By passing your digestive system, IV Therapy delivers the vitamins and minerals directly to your circulatory system where they are absorbed instantaneously and in full.

What happens in my IV Therapy appointment?

Once you book your appointment and are cleared by one of our medical doctors to receive an IV Therapy drip, one of our professional registered nurses will arrive at your location of choice at the time of your booking. Our nurses arrive with a full medical kit in addition to the infusion of your choice. Your choice of infusion will be will made up on the spot by your nurse, who will insert the required vitamins and minerals into a saline IV bag using a sterile technique – feel free to watch as the magic unfolds.

Your nurse will check your vital signs such as temperature, oxygen saturation and pulse. While you are settled in a comfortable position, a tourniquet is applied to locate the most suitable vein. Your nurse will disinfect the insertion area and gently place a needle directly into a vein in your arm and quickly and precisely insert a thin catheter and remove the needle.

Once the IV is in place, the IV bag is attached and the infusion will begin at a controlled rate and enter your bloodstream. Your nurse will continuously check and monitor the process and adjust as needed. During this time you can relax, read, watch your favorite show, pop on some headphones and listen to music, meditate or even work and participate in remote meetings and calls.

Our IV Therapy drips take between 30-45 minutes, at the end of which the IV bag will be empty, your nurse will remove your catheter, place a band-aid over the site and check your vitals again. You will be immediately able to continue your day!